What We Believe In

We believe in sleeping well. We believe in sleeping in on Sunday mornings, we believe in breakfast in bed, we believe in cuddling with family, human and furry. We believe in the luxury of experiences. We believe in an affinity for the finer things in life. We believe in quality bedding, made of fine materials which should age beautifully, becoming softer with each wash. We believe in loving your bed, and your bed loving you back.

Our Story

I have always had an appreciation for fine fabrics.

Many civilizations have risen to greatness because of their finesse in textiles. Though the industry has seen much modernization, and we do most of the work on machines, the concept of ancient handlooms still remains at the center of it all. There is magic in weaving.

My training began at an early age, textiles was our bread and butter, and I was taught to value it. Working in the industry I was disappointed by how much misinformation was out there about product and quality. There was no respect for the craftsmanship, but rather a race to the highest thread count. I wanted to go back to the basics of weaving and make beautiful bedding with a focus on fabric.

I decided to start Jasmine Home Linens, a company whose name and ethos both honor my late grandfather, his wisdom, his teaching, and of course his endless love for gardening. Each of our products takes its name from a flower, many in fact are memories from his garden.

With Jasmine Home Linens I want to share with you classic, timeless linens. Crafted with love and understanding for the sleeper and the dreamer; brought to you by bedding connoisseurs.

Our Products

At Jasmine Home Linens we wanted to make a luxury sheet that was for everyone. And that is exactly what we did. Our sheets are made from extra-long-staple Pima Cotton, woven into a luxurious Sateen. Cotton Sateen sheets are incredibly soft, breathable and have a silky finish. We used single ply yarn, wove it into a sateen using a technique called Single Pick Insertion and achieved the ultimate sleeping experience.

What is Pima Cotton?

Most of us have heard of Egyptian Cotton and its unmatched softness. What makes Egyptian Cotton so soft is the length of the staple (cotton fiber), and due to the rise in demand for softer cotton worldwide, long staple cotton is now grown in many places. We used extra-long-staple Pima Cotton to weave our sheets because we love how it feels against our skin.

What is Sateen?

Sateen is a beautiful fabric woven out of mercerized (treated for softness) cotton. It is constructed by floating four yarns over and one under, giving the fabric its undeniable softness and silky finish.

What About Thread Count?

Jasmine Home Linens sheets are 300 Thread Count – single ply. What that means is in every square inch of fabric, there are three hundred threads of single ply yarn woven together. Thread Count is really just the count of threads passing through a square inch of fabric, and therefore it should max out at around 500 thread count. However, many people have started manipulating this number and the easiest (and cheapest) way to do this is to use lower quality double ply yarn and we strongly stand against this practice. To learn more check out our blog on Thread Counts.

Border Detailing

We didn’t want to stop at just making an incredibly soft sheet, we wanted it to look as good as it feels. So, we added some tasteful embellishments on your classic white sheets. Everyone loves a crisp white sheet, they make our beds look pristine and inviting, but a little border detailing can personalize the sheet to your room. Shop the white sheet with personality and make your bed cozier than the hotel beds you’re dreaming of.

Oeko-Tex Certified

Our products our Oeko-Tex certified, which means they meet global standard for human-ecological safety of textile products. Our sheets have been made without the use of any harmful chemicals.

Why You Should Care

The average person spends a third of their life sleeping, but a lot of us struggle with falling asleep. One of the easiest things you can do to improve your ability to fall asleep at night is to make your bed peaceful and inviting. White sheets help your bed feel less cluttered and evoke a sense of calm.

Cotton sheets are naturally breathable, regulating your body temperature through the night. The Sateen Weave, known for being luxuriously soft, makes you feel like you are wrapped in a cloud. Other than being gorgeously smooth sateen is also wrinkle resistant, making it easier to make your bed the next morning.

Investing in your sleep will improve your quality of life in many ways, but it might make it harder to get out of bed the next morning.