As December rolls in, we enter into the full throes of wedding season. Our weddings are more than just nuptials or family obligations; they are a celebration of our culture, of our tradition, and our love for food. We lack the festivals to celebrate the things we love about our people, and therefore, we go all out at our weddings.

And yet, while our weddings have grown from a simple dinner with close friends and family to a carnival of activities that might last over a week, our concept of gifting seems stuck in decades past.

Most people will give the bride and groom an envelope of cash, which does little more than mark attendance at a wedding. There is no effort involved, more like social obligation. Don’t you think your loved ones, who are celebrating the beginning of their life together with you, deserve a little more thought in the gift you give them to mark this auspicious occasion?

However, I understand that gifting is no simple task. Gift giving is difficult enough on birthdays when it is for one person, wedding presents are a whole other ball game. You are gifting to two people at once. In an ideal world, people would tell us what they want, or we would adopt the idea of gift registries, but alas. So in the midst of all this gifting confusion I want to convince you that bedding is always a great option.

Bedsheets are something your friend and his or her spouse will use for years to come. So why not get them a set from Jasmine Home Linens. Our sheets are beautifully packaged, with an option to gift wrap, and come in a variety of elegant designs to choose from. More than that, they are incredibly soft and long lasting. Aesthetically pleasing and functional, it really is the gift that keeps on giving. As someone who got married not that long ago, I promise you, after all that celebrating, all a bride and groom really want is rest.

So, this wedding season, give the gift of sleeping well, with Jasmine Home Linens.