Myth: The higher the thread count, the better the sheet.

This is quite far from the truth.

At Jasmine Home Linens we want to tell you what goes into making super soft sheets, instead of throwing numbers at you that you don’t understand. Hence, we came up with the thread count story. Follow along to learn more about the softest sheets ever.

Most, if not all, people in search of good bedsheets fall into the thread count trap. We are taught to believe that the higher the thread count, the softer the sheets. However, this is not the whole truth. In fact, this statement only holds up until 500 thread count, and even then, only gives you half the story. In fact, the softness of your sheets is determined by much more than the thread count. The thread count is not even the most important part.

Why, you ask? Well to answer that question we must first understand what thread count stands for. It is a count of the number of threads woven through a square inch of fabric. The number of threads should max out at 500, anything higher is a manipulation of the counting. A genuinely soft sheet can only be achieved by using single-ply yarn. However, in order to inflate their thread count, companies twist together, thinner lower quality yarns and weave the fabric from that. While boasting a higher thread count, it actually gives a coarser finish to the final product.

A genuine single-ply bedsheet with a thread count between 250 to 400 will actually be softer and more comfortable than a multi-ply sheet set claiming to be a 1000 thread count. A single-ply bedsheet will not only be softer due to its superior cotton yarn, it will also last you longer. In order to create single-ply yarn, we must use long staple cotton fiber.

The quality and length of the cotton fiber is probably the most indicative of the softness of the final product. It is the extremely long staple of the Egyptian cotton that gives it its reputation. However, long staple cotton is now grown in many parts of the world due to the increasing demand of soft cotton. For our sheets, we went with extra long staple pima cotton, single ply of course.

At Jasmine Home Linens, we chose to create our line from 300 thread count cotton sateen made from extra long staple cotton and constructed with a single pick insertion. SPI or Single Pick Insertion is a method of weaving that inserts one yarn (pick) at a time. This creates a tight weave and therefore a smooth finish.

In choosing cotton sateen as a fabric of choice, we bring you buttery soft sheets that are naturally wrinkle resistant, and the heavier weave of the cotton sateen provides a silky finish. At 300 thread count we strike the right balance between breathability and silkiness. We do not want to go heavier on the fabric for Pakistan’s tropical climate but we refuse to compromise on softness. For us, a 300 thread count cotton sateen is the sleep of your dreams!