Bedrooms in magazines and hotels always appear so luxurious and plush. Ever wonder how? The secret to this look is layering. It might appear to be quite a daunting task but with a few basic pieces you can create a cozy bed in no time. From fitted sheets to the perfect throw – here’s how to create your coziest bed yet. 

Fitted Sheet

Start with a secure fitted sheet. Our luxe fitted sheets are super soft and comfy and the basis of your layered bed. With elastic all around, they are quite flexible, so if your mattress is a little thicker than normal or an inch or two bigger than usual, worry not, we accommodated for you! Our fitted sheets will always be a great fit.

Flat Sheet

Lay your flat sheet on the bed and tuck it in all the way around the mattress and fold it over with your duvet for a polished hotel-like finish on your bed. Our sheets are made of extra long staple Pima Cotton to give you a luxurious cocoon like feel for a good night’s sleep. 

We offer a variety of sheet set designs that you can choose from. Visit our online shop to view our collection.


Next, add a Duvet to set the tone for your bedroom style. Our neutral duvets accentuate your bedroom without being distracting. At Jasmine Home Linens, we focus on providing you with both comfort and style with our beautiful duvets so that you don’t have to compromise on one for the other.
Additionally, we are now offering customizable duvets to give you a personalized experience.

Pillows and Shams

You can never have too many pillows!

Aside from the basic function of comfort that pillows provide, they pull together the design of the bedding and add color, texture and dimension to the bed.
Our sheet sets come with two pillow cases and our duvet sets come with two shams.

Throws and Blankets

Drape a throw blanket on the end of the bed for a final touch.  Alternatively, if you have an all white bed, add a pop of color or texture with either a blanket or a throw. 

And with that, you’ve created a beautiful, cozy hotel-like bed that’s going to give you an amazing night’s sleep!

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