What We Believe In

We believe in sleeping well. We believe in sleeping in on Sunday mornings, we believe in breakfast in bed, we believe in cuddling with family, human and furry. We believe in the luxury of experiences. We believe in an affinity for the finer things in life. We believe in quality bedding, made of fine materials which should age beautifully, becoming softer with each wash. We believe in loving your bed, and your bed loving you back.

Our Story

As someone who prioritizes sleep over most things in life, it was only natural that my love for luxury bedding would eventually become a full-time job. However, it is a bit of a chicken-and-egg story of how I ended up here. Did I obsess over the quality of bed linens so much because I was exposed to the textile industry from a young age? Or was it because I was always trying to sleep more that made me prioritize comfort over most things in life.

In the end what really drove me to start this company, Jasmine Home Linens, was the realization of the fact that while some of the finest textiles in the world are made in Pakistan, they are rarely made for Pakistan.

Inspired by the magical qualities of soft cotton sheets, I want to bring you crème de la crème of Pakistani textiles. I may have learnt about what goes into making great bedding by working in the home textiles industry, but really, it is my love of staying in bed that makes me want to change the way you feel about sheets. Stop dreaming about the luxury of hotel beds and let Jasmine Home Linens transform your bed into a little cloud from heaven.

Our Products

Pakistan is a major player in the global home textiles market, manufacturing products for some of the largest international brands. So, why is it so hard to find good bedding here at the source? Jasmine Home Linens hopes to bridge that gap, because we know who makes the best cotton blankets in Karachi, and what fabric makes the softest sheets. We are using that wealth of experience to bring excellence to you.

Jasmine Home Linen bed sheets are made from long staple Pima Cotton, woven into a luxurious Sateen. Cotton Sateen sheets are incredibly soft and breathable – perfect for Pakistan’s balmy subtropical weather. Tastefully embellished to be the perfect addition to your bedroom.

Our first collection includes luxurious sheet sets, both for everyday use, and more elaborate bridal trousseau linens. To pair with them we also have gorgeous jacquard duvets, airy blankets and fun throws.

Why You Should Care

The average person spends a third of their life sleeping, but a lot of us struggle with falling asleep. One of the easiest things you can do to improve your ability to fall asleep at night is to make your bed peaceful and inviting. White sheets help your bed feel less cluttered and evoke a sense of calm.

Cotton sheets are naturally breathable, regulating your body temperature through the night. The Sateen Weave, known for being luxuriously soft, makes you feel like you are wrapped in a cloud. Other than being gorgeously smooth sateen is also wrinkle resistant, making it easier to make your bed the next morning.

Investing in your sleep will improve your quality of life in many ways, but it might make it harder to get out of bed the next morning.