The gold standard of well made beds has always been luxury hotels, their crisp white linens tightly tucked into the bed and the pillows nice and firm. With Jasmine Home Linens you can achieve that look at home. To walk you throw the process of making a hotel-like bed, we filmed a quick and easy tutorial at our retail partner, Salmis, and used our Iris Sheet Set and Daisy Duvet Set.

For easy recap, here is a breakdown of our tutorial:

Things you need:

Jasmine Home Linens Sheet Set – Includes:

  1. Plain Fitted Sheet
  2. Embellished Flat Sheet
  3. Embellished Standard Pillowcases

Jasmine Home Linens Duvet Set – Includes:

  1. Duvet Cover
  2. Pillow Shams

Walkthrough of Tutorial:

Step 1: Take your plain fitted sheet and spread it across your bed. Jasmine Home Linens fitted sheets have elastic all around. This makes the sheet easy to tuck into your mattress all around, and ensures a superior fit that will not slip and slide as you sleep.

Step 2: Take your flat sheet and lay it on the bed, making sure the design side faces down. Align the embellished hem to the top of your mattress and make sure the sheet is evenly spread across the mattress. Start tucking the flat sheet in from the foot of the bed by folding the excess fabric into triangular corners, and then taking the rest of the fabric in along as you go. On the sides, tuck the sheet in halfway.

Step 3: Spread your duvet onto the bed, aligning the top corner of the duvet with the top corners of the flat sheet.

Step 4: Turn down the flat sheet with the duvet cover so that there is enough space for you to style your pillows on the top of your bed. The design of your flat sheet should now be showing over duvet. Tuck in the sides of the flat sheet to tighten the duvet’s fit on your bed.

Step 5: Stack your pillows flat or against your headboard. You can go in with your sheet set pillowcases first, and then add the duvet pillow shams, or vice versa depending on your preference.

5 simple steps and you have a hotel bed at home.