If you love your bed you would never consider sleeping anywhere else, and you know that it provides you with a type of comfort that can’t be obtained anywhere else. Not only does it help you achieve the best sleep of your life, but it can always be relied upon to make you feel better after an exceptionally difficult day.

Here are 10 things that only people who have a deep rooted love for their bed will understand

  1. It’s always there for you 

Even if you’ve had one of those days where you’ve missed all of your deadlines at work, you know that it doesn’t really matter. All that matters is that your bed is waiting for you to come home and sink into it’s lovely warm, soft, comforting aura.

  1. It’s your best friend

It always makes you feel better, it always knows about who you’re sleeping with and it never judges you for it. Best friend criteria right there.


  1. You’re always plotting your return

Within three minutes of leaving your bed you’re already planning just how sweet your return will be in roughly around twelve hours time. You even mentally plan the exact pajamas you’ll be wearing later on.

  1. It’s a judgement free zone and is the best Netflix spot

It’s probably the only place in the entire world where you can truly be yourself. This means safely being able to fart and burp to your heart content knowing that there will be zero judgement. Not only that, your bed is the best place to wrap yourself up in your duvet like you’re the sausage part of a sausage roll and your duvet is the pastry before settling down for a log movie marathon.

  1. You calculate the exact time you spend in it

You measure the exact amount of time you spend in your beloved bed, and if it tallies up to less than your weekly target then you’re prepared to cut out socializing to hit your number. Anything less than 80 hours per week is simply unacceptable.

  1. You have a common enemy

Your bed is largely a positive place, but from time to time you’re both faced with negativity. This of course comes in the form of your alarm clock who is jealous of your relationship and does all it can to break you both up.

  1. Best cuddle buddy with reasonable demands

Why do you even need a human cuddle buddy when your bed does such a wonderful job already? It doesn’t invade your space, or snore or ever expect you to be the big spoon. All your bed expects from you is that you spend as much as time as possible wrapped up in it, and you’re happy to oblige this humble request.

  1. You don’t share

You’ll happily give a stranger your kidney if they really need it, but there is no way that you will happily ever share your bed. Your relationship to your bed is similar to that of Gollum and the ring. 

  1. Nights in = the best

You’ll happily turn down the chance to help David Guetta DJ in Ibiza to spend the evening stretching out to your heart’s content in your wonderful bed.

  1. You love making it pretty and new bedsheets excite you

Nothing guarantees a better sleep than making the bed with fresh new bedsheets and accessories. You’re on a constant quest to find items to make it even more comfortable than it currently is. This means that your budget for comfy bedding is more than what you spend on your clothes. 

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Inspired by the article “15 things only people who really love their bed will understand” written by Taran Bassi.